2017 Lineup

  • Signs of Floyd: The American Pink Floyd

    Signs of Life: The American Pink Floyd faithfully captures the music, emotion and excitement of a Pink Floyd concert. The group features eight incredible musicians and a top-notch production team deadicated to reproducing the vast and spacious Pink Floyd sound. Arguably one of the best tributes anywhere, Signs of Life shows feature authentic music, sound effects, lighting and video to recreate the essence of Pink Floyd. Setlists encompass hits and rarieties spanning every Floyd album – played live with remarkable reverence and power. Concert-goers will never see the same show twice.

  • D-Funk All-Stars

    Old School Funk band specializing in the “Dayton sound”.

  • The Spikedrivers

    In 2003 a new sound sprang up in the Rust Belt; a raucous, down- and-dirty sound, an intoxicating and gritty sound that pulled people in droves to dance floors across the Midwest. It was the sound of The Spikedrivers playing their unique blend of swinging, bluesy, upbeat, country-fried rock ‘n’ roll. Front man Jesse Henry’s unique and down-home song writing meets the electrified ruckus and wild precision of the backing band similar to what might have been if Woody Guthrie had led NRBQ.

  • Caamp

    Evan plays the banjo, Taylor plays the guitar and together they slam stages as the power duo, Caamp. The childhood friends have been writing songs since 2012 and began performing as Caamp in 2015. In March of 2016, the duo released their self-titled, debut record that has since put them on the map. Their original song “Ohio” charted at #4 on the US Spotify Viral Chart and the album currently has over 2.5 million streams. Caamp is known for their heartfelt sound, and authentic live shows that leave their loyal crowds with hearts pounding. Taylor and Evan are two good gentlemen, writing good music, and plan on … Caamping tilʼ they croak!

  • Freekbass

    Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Freekbass was an only child who initially wanted to be a magician. He later developed his own obsession for cartoon superheroes and comic books, relating to the underlying themes.
    Living in Cincinnati exposed Freekbass to genres of music he may have missed otherwise. While most kids were listening to Nirvana and Green Day, he connected with the bottom-heavy sounds coming out of the boom boxes like Zapp and Midnight Star. While working in a music shop to pay off his first electric bass he had in lay-away, he began to study the classics of Larry Graham, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Parliament and Bootsy with a bass in one hand, and an MPC2000 in the other.

    Freekbass has released six full-length CDs, including “Concentrate” with guests Bootsy Collins, DJ Spooky, Adam Deitch, and Steve Molitz, and “Junkyard Waltz” which includes guest appearances by Phish bassist Mike Gordon, guitarist Buckethead, keyboard wizard from P-Funk/Talking Heads Bernie Worrell, and is produced by funk legend Bootsy Collins. Also, national music DVD instruction company, The Rock House Method, recently released two Freekbass instructional DVDs “Learn Funk Bass with Freekbass (Level 1 & Level 2)”, and TrueFire.com just released the instructional DVD/download “50 Freekbass Licks You Must Know” . In 2010 Freekbass connected with DJ Logic, and Particle keyboardist Steve Molitz to form the funktronica trio, Headtronics.

  • The Ark Band

    Combining heavenly harmonies with tight crisp performances, this powerhouse of talent captures their audiences with their very first note. THE ARK BAND’s repertoire combines original and cover compositions with classic and current reggae hits designed to entertain, educate and enlighten all types of people. THE ARK BAND continues to be a dynamic force on the American scene after three decades, their songs expressing the love, peace, togetherness and spirituality needed in our world today!

  • Shrug

    Perennial indie rock favorites from the Gem City, Shrug have been delivering memorable material and quality live shows since their inception in 1994. Their latest Americana inflected release, Age of Ashes, has garnered rave reviews and continues the string of well-crafted, melodic albums that Shrug has been releasing for years.

  • Kelly Zullo

    “Bootsy Collins meets Ani Difranco in a one human band” Incorporating machine-gun acoustic guitar skills, live drumming and simultaneous ‘foot pedal bass’, Kelly Zullo takes the art of singer-songwriter to a new level. She breathes fresh air into the ‘one man band concept’ by using it as a vehicle to support her uniquely frenetic acoustic guitar playing, live looped drums and quirky life-bent philosophy acoustic funk jams that take the listeners ears off with her speed, accuracy and syncopation.

  • Elementree Livity Project

    Elementree Livity Project has created a recipe for success based on one goal. That goal is simple; to bring the message of Livity to the masses by spreading positive vibes; a message of peace, harmony, & acceptance for all people. It is a message of love & understanding for all. Since taking the stage by storm in 2013, ELP has carved out a space all their own with their whirlwind grooves, electric leads, and thundering bass lines. Already, they have shared the stage with artists like Shaggy, The Original Wailers, MAGIC!, Fortunate Youth, and The Revivalists to name just a few. After every storm, the sun will shine and the future of ELP is looking bright!

  • Mainline Funk

    The Mainline Funk have quickly emerged as a unique rock/funk/improv band. With The Mainline Funk, improvisation is the only rule in a band with no rules! With the combination of a wide variety of styles and influences ranging from Jam, to Blues, to Funk, to Reggae, our original music has amazed crowds at clubs, theaters, and festivals creating that “Good Time” vibe that will have you moving your feet and shaking your tail all night long!!!

  • Tim Pritchard Revelry

    Tim Pritchard leads an all star casts of musicians

  • Great Northern String Band

    GNSB is an acoustic Greatful Dead/Jerry Garcia tribute. Fans of the Dead will appreciate the top-notch delivery of a wide variety of the Dead/JGB catalogue. Fans of acoustic and roots music will appreciate the strong musicianship and interplay in the band. Fans of dancing and having fun to music will appreciate dancing and having fun. Fans of Norwegian death metal might want to explore some other options.

    GNSB can play festivals, bars, nice restaurants, dives, street corners, opera houses, coffee shops, brew houses – damn near anywhere you can fit 8 musicians and some drums.

  • Arrows of Neon

    We are Arrows of Neon, an Ohio Grateful Dead Tribute band from Dayton who endeavor to bring the raw energy and organic sound that made seeing the Grateful Dead such a fantastic experience. We perform high energy shows that cater to shaking them bones! Look for Arrows of Neon at a venue near you. Keep them orbits peeled!

  • This Must Be The Party! A Tribute to Stop Making Sense

    This lauded tribute to The Talking Head’s famed “Stop Making Sense” concert film. If you’re a Talking Heads fan, or simply love to dance with friends, this is a “don’t miss” show. The show includes some prominent Dayton musicians including Brian Hoeflich, Patrick Himes, Nathan Lewis, Erich Reith, Greg Lewis, Aaron Holm, Keith Cost, Khrys Blank, Mykal, John Dubuc, Nathan Peters, Brian Spirk, Eric Cassidy, and Matt Byanski!

  • Jericho Thyme

    Jericho Thyme is a group of musicians adept at writing, composing and performing original tracks from the heart and soul of America. Jericho Thyme was born out of that common desire amongst its members to write original music, grow as musicians, and be able to effectively share our efforts with others. Awesomely enough, the project has turned into a true collaboration of original songs from everyone in the band. This has kept our ongoing evolution very interesting, and continually inspires all of us to keep peeking around the corner to see what hidden treasure is gonna get uncovered next. Come experience a new story. Come experience Jericho Thyme.

  • Krunk Town Boogie

    Krunk Town Boogie was formed in the summer of 2015, when the former backing band for “Scott Lee and the Whiskey River Boys,” a country-folk-rock project, branched off to pursue a more eclectic sound; a project of expression, without constraints on style. When this group of experienced, professional, dedicated musicians combines their skills; what comes forth is a modern psychedelic folk blues funk dance rock. It is music that sounds both brand new and yet familiar. It is music that pulls you in and makes you feel – in all directions.

  • Jerry Mullins

  • Scott Lee

    Scott Lee is a singer-songwriter who has been bringing his music to people for over a decade. if you’re able to catch a show you will see him play many original songs and a plethora of American folk music. He has spent the better part of his life studying his craft and learning how to perform and entertain just about any audience imaginable.

  • The Jupiter Gathering

    Drawing from the great depths of the American heartland, John’s songs tell stories of roads traveled long and far, and of dreams bold and colorful. This imagery is defined in a multi-layered landscape of lyric and sound. Electrobek was born in 2004 while traversing the streets of Los Angeles. Electrobek’s songs have been compared to contemporary American pop artists like The Wallflowers, The Counting Crows, as well as classics like Tom Petty, Neil Young and John Fogerty. All comparisons aside, the sound is fresh and inviting with a timeless quality. Perfect company on any road trip.

  • Zane and the Sway

    sunshine cranked to eleven”. The band is comprised of veterans, newcomers, and the in between. Zane’s ability to write catchy, yet meaningful lyrics, and the band’s ability to arrange with originality, yet simplexity (yes, we had to make up a word to describe our writing style, which falls some where between the simplicity of pop/rock, and the complexity of jazz/fusion), combine to create elaborate soundscapes on which the words float atop in all their glory. In short, live audiences find themselves both sweaty and smiling at the end of the show. The sweat will dry, but the smiles will keep coming long after the music has stopped.

  • Sharon Lane

    Ms. Sharon Lane is a beloved Dayton singer, songwriter and pianist who has graced nearly ever stage in town and played with a long list of legends. Her soulful voice and warm presence
    is always engaging and joy to experience.

  • Lost on Iddings

    Creative production and expression… Lost on Iddings is based on freedom of expression through music. Allowing each member to express themselves fully through their own style of play.

  • Kyleen Downes

    “There’s a very Folksy, Americana kind of feeling to most of the album, but don’t even think about putting her music in a box!” – Kimberly Weiss, Music Connection Dayton

  • McGuff and the Dumpster Fires

    Part punk, part funk, and all mixed up. McGuff and the Dumpster Fires blends diverse rock influences to create a unique sound and they’re here to make you move.

  • Mystical Flutes and Tribal Drums

    Music has Unspeakable Power
    Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Music is the mystical resonance that makes people cry, laugh and feel their hair stand up. For heights and depths no words can reach, music is the soul’s own speech. Music expresses that… which cannot be said when it is impossible to be silent. Peace and love – We all have a song inside us it tells us who we are.

  • Subterranean

    Subterranean approaches improvisation with intent. Pushing stylistic boundaries and fearlessly exploring their musical journey while still presenting infectious grooves. This creates a unique experience at every live performance making each one a must see. Subterranean is Chuckie Love on bass, Danny Sauers on Sax, Rob Brockman on Drums, and Chris Coalt on guitar. They joined forces to start a Wed. night jam @ their favorite spot J-Alans. From the first note it was clear this is a band with a capital B. Since then the group has spread like wild fire into Columbus, Cincy, Dayton and has made its way on to the Festival scene playing The Werk Out, Snugglefest, Family Roots, May Daze, Miami Valley Music Fest, HogJam, Paradise Music Festival, Mad Tea Party and many others. Subterranean is just getting started and has a ton of potential to continue to grow and spread the love.

  • Mike Perkins

    Mike is a noted solo performer and perennial MVMF favorite. AnHonestTune.com says, “Mike sings as he illuminates the shining light of love that beams through us all. Scat singing, strumming his acoustic, and carrying his festive numbers through several different musical phrasings, Perkins’ performance launches himself into the hallowed category of artists on the fringe of breaking out to a wider audience.”

  • The Almighty Get Down

    We are 1 mother’s son who has dedicated his life to the search for good music, to make something lasting with the people he meets, and have the time of his life pretending to do it. Old school, future school, all original funk, soul, RnB, with all the wild abandon of a straight up rock concert.

  • Jesse Henry and the Benders

    This band features the talents of notable frontman Jessie Henry – known for his work with The Spikedrivers, The Field Dogs and many others – combined with an all-star cast of Dayton area musicians coming together to bring a variety of blues and groove music to the people.

  • Trey Stone & The Ringers

    Rock ‘n’ Roll played by men in black shirts. Raised in Central Illinois, Trey has had a passion for the piano since an early age. After moving to Chicago in the 1990s, Trey served as Musical Director at the famed Second City comedy theater for 15 years, working with many of the greats of modern comedy, including SNL’s Horatio Sanz, Jason Sudeikis, and Vanessa Bayer, 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer, and Comedy Central’s Keegan Michael-Key. Since moving to Dayton, Ohio, Trey has been concentrating on his love of songwriting and the great New Orleans piano masters, including Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, James Booker, and Professor Longhair.

  • Will C & Dale Lutz

    Local favorite singer/songwriter Will C. will be taking the stage at MVMF 2017 with his F.A.M.I.L.Y. compatriot, Dale Lutz, to bring you his soulful songs and grooves


    Jam rock and improvisational experimentation from Columbus, OH