2017 Charity Grant Voting

Please cast your vote for recipients of the 2017 grants from the Miami Valley Music Fest Association. Please note that you may only vote once per day. The site will let you vote again 24 hours after you have voted. Click here to go directly to the voting section

Artemis Center for Domestic Violence

Artemis runs the Miami Valley’s 24 –hour Domestic Violence Hotline. Callers are seeking information, referrals, support, and crisis management. More than 3300 calls for assistance are answered each year. The majority of calls are victims in fear, in need of support and that have had recent police involvement, or fear future violence. Callers also include local service agencies seeking assistance for clients, police officers, community members, students, victim family members and others seeking help and information. Artemis works to ensure victims calling who don’t already have a safety plan in place are assisted in developing a plan which they agree is usable for them and their children. For many of our callers the Hotline is the only lifeline to safety for them and their children. Vote for Artemis and help a victim of Domestic Violence today.

Child Care Choices

Child Care Choices, a nonprofit resource and referral agency, operates an early literacy program known as the Story Lady. Experienced early childhood educators visit child care centers and home childcare providers to read and give away books. The target population is children between the ages of 3 to 12, child care providers and parents. We will use grant funds to buy materials for the Story Lady Program and to pay for Story Lady visits to centers and home in the area.

DREAM (Dedicated Rescue Efforts for Animals in Many Counties)

Pets pulled (adopted) from various county shelters in OHIO go directly into a veterinarian office for vaccines, heartworm testing, micro-chip, spay/neuter with temporary boarding, and they are provided flea and hw preventative meds. The cost is typically around $300. Some dogs due to neglect and/or abuse have incurred costs close to $2000. The next step: a FOSTER HOME which provides rehabilitation (training, exercise, socialization and TLC). When the dog is ready for adoption (typically after 3 -4 weeks), we showcase him/her in the community at various locations throughout Miami County. Our adoption fee is $175 which never covers the complete costs we incur.

Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Association (dba Alzheimer’s Association)

Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Association (dba Alzheimer’s Association) Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the US every 66 seconds. We MUST do more to help those affected and to educate the community about this terrible disease. Grants received will be used for Miami County residents for care consultations (family planning sessions) which allows families to prepare a road map with a social worker for their journey with this terrible disease. In addition, public education programs, outreach and Helpline awareness will be made available for the community as a whole and those affected.

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance (DPAA)

The Adventures in Sound Ensemble Program is one of the Philharmonic’s most popular and far-reaching education programs. Adventures in Sound exposes students to live classical music, introduces them to instruments of the orchestra and how they make sound, and promotes learning in fun and engaging presentations. This program serves approximately 750 Piqua elementary school students in grades 1-3. Grant funds will be used present the Adventures in Sound Ensemble Program (total cost $4,070).

Good Neighbor House

We empower our Wellness Program clients with school supplies needed to set their kids up for a successful school year. However, we don’t plan to just “give” these supplies away. Our July and August class calendars include specific classes tailored to teaching our clients ways they can prepare and position their kids for a great year. In line with our mission to empower, with these grant funds, we will purchase backpacks, glue, pencils, pens, calculators, rulers, notebooks, and other school supplies, then award them to our clients as incentives for attending our wellness classes or achieving class objectives. These supplies will serve as a supplement to the GNH Bucks we regularly award that can be used to get school clothes in our thrift store. By doing this, we simultaneously empower our community with relevant knowledge, and equip the next generation with the right resources for a brighter academic future. Thanks for your consideration and for #BeingAGoodNeighbor

Health Partners Free Clinic

Health Partners recognizes that for people to meet their health needs, their social needs must be met as well. With this grant, Health Partners will maintain a “pantry” of personal care items and be able to provide these to patients as needed. Additionally, diabetics require clean, white socks as they are prone to foot issues that can lead to amputations. These funds will go towards keeping a stock of socks available to diabetic patients as they need.

Hospice of Miami County

Providing music therapy to hospice patients speaks to each individual and their needs perfectly. Music can be stimulating for those needing increased circulation and energy. Music can be soothing to patients needing relaxation and escape from pain or anxiety. Music can be the story of their life – for themselves and others. Music stimulates both sides of the brain providing growth of brain cells and sometimes immediate clarity. Our music therapist uses all of these things and more. What a wonderful gift at the end of life! MUSIC! We will use grant funds to bring music back into the lives of Hospice patients.

Learning Tree Farm

Learning Tree Farm strives to maintain the highest level of care for the dozens of animals that live at the farm. A Miami Valley Music Festival Charity Rocks! grant would be applied to two animal care improvement projects, including replacing the main water pump in one of our barns, and repairing the cow pens. Both of these projects are vital to the welfare of Learning Tree Farm’s animals and will allow us to preserve the standard of care and treatment we provide for them. Ongoing improvements to our water and irrigation system require that we install a new water pump in order to continue providing clean and fresh water for the cows, goats, sheep, and pigs housed in the barn. The estimated cost for this project is $300 to $500. Additionally, repairs to the cow pens, including rubber matting material and gravel to refurbish the flooring, will cost approximately $1000.

Miami County Public Health

The program will provide healthy eating options for residents in need in Miami County. Tokens provided to residents in need can be used at local farmers markets for the purchase of local produce and other healthy food options. These tokens will be provided to community members in need. Funds provided from this grant will go towards the purchase of tokens for community members in need to be used at local farmers markets. The tokens will be good for the purchase of fresh produce, dairy products, and other food options from local vendors. This offers healthy food options for residents in need as well as promotes community growth.

New Path Inc.

The grant funds will be used to purchase Steri-fab, a bactericide, sanitizer, virucide, fungicide, insecticide, deodorant, disinfectant and mildewcide all in one safe and easy to use spray. We use over 24 gallons a year, to keep our donations safe for family households. It costs over $60 a gallon (includes shipping) an annual cost of $1440.00 Although this is not required by the state unless you are selling furniture. We want to make sure bad beds do not get passed from us to low income households who can’t afford to treat their homes. We served 139 households last year at an average of 4 pieces of furniture per household equals over 550 furnishing items which is at a cost of about $2.62 per item.

Saint Patrick Soup Kitchen

The Saint Patrick Soup Kitchen is celebrating its 21st year feeding the needy people throughout Miami County. This grant will allow us to continue serving over 20,000 meals a year and expand our Christmas Day Meal delivery that reaches over a 1,000 people on Christmas day.

Senior Resource Connection

Senior Resource Connection serves seniors, aged 60+, and the disabled in Miami County through our Meals on Wheels program and Congregate dining program. These programs provide eligible participants with a hot (or frozen), nutritionally balanced meal. The meals are either delivered directly to their homes by one of our trained and caring drivers, or served at a Congregate Dining site in the county. The grant will allow Senior Resource Connection to expand our offerings in Miami County by removing seniors from the waiting list for meal delivery and purchasing additional materials necessary to serve additional seniors at our Congregate Digning sites.

We Care Arts

We Care Arts provides two programs for young people with disabilities who live in Tipp City. Our Transition to Work program uses art to reinforce life skills for students at Tippecanoe High School who have multiple disabilities. Transition to Work is a state-mandated program that teaches important life skills, preparing students for a level of independence after graduation. Your gift will be used to help underwrite the cost of staffing the programs as well as to purchase consumable art supplies including paint, brushes, canvases and clay.


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