About the Miami Valley Music Fest Association

The Miami Valley Music Festival Association is a 501(c)(3) public charity organized in Miami County, OH with the purpose of hosting music events to raise funds and awareness for local charitable causes. Their “Charity Rocks!” initiative seeks to educate the public on opportunities to give back to the community, and expose younger festival audiences to the public services offered by non-profit organizations. The MVMFA continually develops programming that shows how charitable giving cannot only be easy and accessible, but also fun.


To gather people together to celebrate life in a way that is beneficial to themselves and their community; to promote musical diversity, local artists, and charitable giving; and to enhance the mind, body, and spirit of all who attend the festival.


  • To organize music festivals.
  • To raise funds for non-profit organizations and other charitable causes.
  • To educate music festival attendees regarding the importance of donating funds and time to charitable organizations themselves.


The Miami Valley Music Festival Association, Inc. was conceived in July of 2008, although the seeds for its growth were sown many years earlier. The Miami Valley MusicFest was first organized in the summer of 2006 by Nick Christian. At its conception, the goal was simply to showcase local musicians. The turnout was under 100 attendees, and the net income from the festival just barely overcame the expenses to put it on.In 2007 the festival made an important decision: to take an emphasis off of showcasing local music, and focus on bettering the local community. We achieved this through promoting a local cause that the MusicFest would donate charitable funds towards. In doing so, the MusicFest was then able to receive gracious sponsorships from local businesses to help curve the costs of the festival. This tremendous support from the community enabled the festival to donate $700 to the Covington Outreach Association, and other charitable causes.It was in July of 2008 that the festival creator, Nick, decided to create a non-profit organization that would facilitate and organize the growing needs of the festival, with hopes to one day attain 501c3 status. This move proved very rewarding as the MusicFest underwent remarkable growth, doubling the attendance, and the amount of donation from the prior year.With the help of our caring community, the MusicFest was able to donate $1,400 to local cancer outreach facilities, and helped many cancer victims “Fight the good fight!” As the years unfold, the Miami Valley Music Festival Association, Inc. continues to prove its loyal, caring commitment to bettering the Miami Valley. They hope that through the power of love, music, and community organizing that the Miami Valley MusicFest will continue to reap fruit that the entire Miami Valley may enjoy. They have demonstrated time and time again that the Miami Valley MusicFest is WHERE CHARITY ROCKS!