• Anyone entering the festival grounds must bear a festival wristband (with the exception of children aged 12 and under).

  • The Miami Valley Music Fest along with the Eagle’s Campgrounds reserves the right to refuse admission to any unruly and/or intoxicated individuals that may threaten the safety of other attendees.

  • Children aged 12 and under receive free admission to the Music Fest, but they MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Carry-in Items

  • Coolers: The Miami Valley Music Fest permits coolers to be carried in to the festival, only after the cooler has been inspected by a Music Fest staff member. Coolers may contain alcoholic beverages only if the carrier bears a 21+ ID. NO GLASS is permitted in the festival.

  • ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: The Miami Valley Music Fest will not tolerate the use or possession of any illegal substance at the Music Fest.

  • WEAPONS: The Miami Valley Music Fest will not permit any items that resemble a weapon to be brought into the festival.

  • FOOD: Festival attendees are permitted to bring in their own food, although food and refreshments will be available for purchase.


  • The Miami Valley MusicFest will not tolerate any unruly or disrespectful behavior that threatens the safety of other festival attendees.The Miami County Sheriff’s Department will be on speed dial to escort any unruly individual off of the premises. Remember- the Music Fest is out to improve the local community.Respect yourself as well as others, and we will prove to the Miami Valley that the Music Fest is: WHERE CHARITY ROCKS!

  • A goal of the Music Fest is to promote environmental consciousness.Help us keep the campgrounds clean, and be sure to RECYCLE ALL ALUMINUM CANS. Recyclable bins will be located throughout the festival area.

  • The Music Fest will not tolerate any dancing/actions that threaten the safety of the band, and the other attendees.

  • Be respectful and friendly to all security staff. Remember, they are at the Music Fest for the same reason you are: to BETTER THE LOCAL COMMUNITY.


  • All tent campers (and cars planning to park for the day) must check into the Cathcart Road Main Entrance Gate. RVs must check-in at the Troy-Urbana Gate Entrance Gate the day of the festival to secure a site. Signs will direct campers to the correct entrance.

  • All camp sites are primitive sites (with the exception of few water/electric sites – given on a first come, first served basis.)

  • Fires are only permitted in the provided fire rings or in a fire pit that does not touch the ground and is approved by the camping staff. If you have a fire that touches the ground and your fire pit has not been approved by camping staff, you WILL be asked to leave. Provided fire rings are NOT to be moved or relocated.

  • Loud behavior will only be tolerated until 2:30 am. NO loud behavior / unruliness will be tolerated in the family / quiet camping area (located near the RV entrance gate.)

  • All tent campers and RVs must be out of the campgrounds by noon on Sunday.

  • Tent campers and RVs will receive a permit at the camping entrance, and may sleep as many people as the tent/RV owner approves. For safety reasons, you are NOT allowed to pitch tents in the parking area.

  • All campers must obey the policies and rules of the Troy Eagle’s Campgrounds.



  • Parking will only cost $3 at the Music Fest for non-campers.

  • Tent campers may not park beside their campsites.

  • An overflow parking site will be available for the MusicFest.Transportation to and from this site will also be made available.